"The difference between rich and poor is not wealth but opportunity. The poor are the world’s greatest entrepreneurs. Each day they must innovate in order to survive."

Professor Muhammad Yunus


More than 10 years for you in Social Business

Aligned with our mission and vision, we offer services for individuals and organizations to inspire them,aid them in their creation of social businesses and educate them on the concepts of social business.


We promote the concept of Social Business, inspire and connect our ecosystem to change the world through our events, campaigns workshops and activities with companies and universities.


We complement the work of the Yunus Centre with academia to weave the concept of Social Business into university curricula with innovative workshops. We work with companies to transform minds and create responsible leaders that are aware of the role of business in solving social and environmental challenges.


We are a Lab and as such we experiment with social business, create acceleration and incubation programs and we consult companies, organizations and NGOs to carry out social intrapreneurship programs, systemic studies or joint ventures.