Why we can’t wait to build a new Civilization now!

In his latest book “A World of Three Zeroes” Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus states that “a world in which wealth is concentrated in a few hands is also a world in which political power is controlled by a few and used by them for their own benefit.”

That sounds familiar, and looking at news and media today gives us all the impression that this is state of the art within our civilization and will never be changeable.

The basic intention of this economic behaviour is selfishness. And yes, we humans are selfish beings. We all are to some extent, even if we don’t want to admit it. Many good inventions and achievements of humankind would never have been possible if it wouldn’t have happened for selfish / ego centred reasons.

But selfishness has also led to “wealth concentration, (which) is an all-but-inevitable, nonstop process under the present economic system“. This self-centred approach led to an inconceivable system, pumping the money from the bottom to the top, making the richest richer, and the poorest poorer, around the globe. This process needs to be stopped and changed now! We need to rethink the intention with which we act economically and socially.

Human beings are multidimensional beings

In his book Prof Yunus also writes: “Human beings are (…) multidimensional beings with both selfishness and selflessness.”  Furthermore, he writes: “Today we allow only selfishness-driven players into the market. If we allow selflessness-driven players into the market as well, the situation changes completely.”

If we want to change the situation and build a new civilization we need to change the current system, we need to redesign it piece by piece by bringing these selflessness-driven players into the game.

But who are these selflessness-driven players? – The answer is Social Businesses!

A social Business is on the contrary to the currently existing capitalist engine an economic approach that has humankind and the solution of a social and/or environmental problem at its core. Prof Yunus defines in his book a Social Business as “a non-dividend company dedicated to solving human problems”, where I – as a Social Business entrepreneur – am allowing the selfless side of my personality to be expressed.

Social Business therefore helps to drive not only a personal transformation but also an economic one, thereby giving humankind for the first time the opportunity to create a world without poverty.

Creativity – the driving force of Social Business

A human being is born to be active, creative, energetic, and a problem solver, always seeking new ways to unleash his or her unlimited potential. Social business is about using this creativity to solve human problems in a sustainable way. It isn´t just an essential tool for resolving the crisis that humankind faces. It also represents a wonderful expression of human creativity – perhaps the highest form of creativity that humans are capable of.

By this Social Business is also a powerful avenue for self-discovery, self-exploration, and self-definition. It fuels and encourages our selfless aspects of personality by seeing the social benefits created by the business –hungry children fed, homeless families given shelter, diseased people cured. The impact achieved by a successful Social Business offers a meaningful inner satisfaction that no other creative endeavour can match.

Let’s begin today

Social Business is a concept that wasn’t developed from theorizing or speculation but from Prof Yunus’ practical experience working with villagers in Bangladesh to solve tough social problems in one of the poorest countries on Earth at that time. It is not only his belief that the purpose of human life on this planet is not merely to survive but to live on it with dignity, grace and happiness. It is up to us to make it happen. We can create a new civilization not based on greed but on the full range of human values and potentials.

Let’s begin today!

Prof Yunus is founder of the Grameen Creative Lab (GCL) that since 10 years has dedicated its work to the promotion of Social Business. It is GCL’s mission to spread the concept of Social Business and to encourage corporates as well as individuals to support and start a Social Business. Together with Hans Reitz, co-founder of the GCL, he has created the Global Social Business Summit as a platform to learn about Social Business and get inspired by best practices.

If you want to build a new civilization by helping or establishing a Social Business visit the Global Social Business Summit – the leading conference on Social Business – and get in touch with the global Grameen and Social Business community.

You are committed to create a positive change and a dedicated ambassador within your company and need to convince your boss to send you to the Global Social Business Summit? Read here our article about 5 reasons why you need to attend to the Summit.

Go to: www.gsbs-2018.com for more information about the summit

Visit www.grameencreativelab.com to find out more about our work and impact

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