5 Reasons to attend the Global Social Business Summit

Since 10 years now, we, the team from Grameen Creative Lab (GCL), are dedicated to spread the idea/concept of Social Business all around the globe. I am really proud to call myself part of this engagement and share GCL’s vision to serve society’s most pressing needs and to create a world without poverty and unemployment. Part of how we reach out for this goal is to organize events – from smaller local labs with up to 50 participants, to big “light house” events such as the Global Social Business Summit with over 800 attendees.

We always aim for reaching as many people as possible but for every event – may it be big or small – our teams faces the same question over and over again:

Why do people attend our Social Business events?


Understanding Social Business

The first answer always popping-up is: “Because they want to learn about Social Business!”

Well, yeah…that seems to be a no-brainer and pretty obvious reason, but nowadays people don’t need to go to an event to get access to relevant information regarding Social Business. There are many books from GCL’s founder Nobel Peace Prize laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus, there is Socialbusinesspedia – an online platform making information about Social Business easily accessible – and there are many good and interesting articles, blog posts and videos you can choose from to learn as much as possible.

So, this answer wasn’t really satisfying, especially taking into consideration that one of our most precious goods is time…and of this people need to spend at least 2 days to attend our most relevant conference the Global Social Business Summit –the leading forum for social business worldwide bringing together Prof Yunus, experts from Grameen as well as world-wide experts from private sectors, civil society, governments and academia to further advance the idea of social business.


Of course, reasons for participating an event may be completely different from person to person and might change over the course of time/their life and career. But after 10 years of organizing events we found the top 5 reasons why most of the people have been and will be attending our conferences:

Reason 1: Gathering of a diverse group of influential People

Special to the GSBS is that it gathers inspirational speakers, opinion leaders, corporate leaders and delegations, participants and exhibitors alike in a private-like atmosphere to underline their role as active key players in the global social business movement and increase public awareness for their initiatives. Only at the Summit will you have the chance to get so close to such a diverse group of influential people.

Reason 2: Presenting your ideas to like-minded people

The Global Social Business Summit offers a unique opportunity to present your ideas and project to a group of diverse but like-minded people. You will have the chance to receive direct feedback from successful Social Business entrepreneurs and will be able to get new perspectives about your work or about problems you can’t solve on your own. Also, presenting your ideas and the support received will make you feel more confident about what you do.


Reason 3: Personal and professional growth

The participants of the GSBS are provided a 360° experience over 2 days. The summit not only highlights the impact Social Business has but also gives orientation and connects you to the global Grameen organizations and offers hands-on experience. The program is made to have both your professional and your personal growth at its core.

Reason 4: Expand your knowledge and connect to the right people

The program is designed in a way to provide an environment and atmosphere to exchange knowledge and learn best practices, to connect with the right people and to spark new social business ideas and partnerships. Only at the GSBS will you get the chance to meet the people that are able to help you boosting your ideas.

Reason 5: Bringing the SDG’s to action

As Social Business helps actively to bring the SDGs into action the Summit focuses on finding real solutions on how the SDG’s can be met.  Social Business does not only aim to eradicate poverty but also has people, environment and sustainable development at its core. This is what the Summit highlights throughout its agenda.

For sure, there are many other benefits for attending GCL’s Global Social Business Summit or one of our local Social Business Forums. Each of us has his or her own agenda for participating but we at GCL believe that being part of the Summit boosts your personal as well as your professional development substantially. There are only few conferences where people from such diverse backgrounds gather and exchange their knowledge and ideas. You will never find that extraordinary mix online and you will for sure not find it in-house in your company.

At the GSBS you will learn from the best, with the focus on how to build a new civilization and meet the right people that will boost your ideas, projects or business.

Join us at the GSBS on November 8th and 9th at the Volkswagen Autostadt in Wolfsburg.
Go to:
www.gsbs-2018.com for more information about the summit

Visit www.grameencreativelab.com to find out more about our work and impact

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