Shaping the Social
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As our Founder Professor Muhammad Yunus says,
We can create a world without poverty, because it is not the poor that create poverty

The Grameen Creative Lab’s vision is to serve society’s most pressing needs.The difference between rich and poor is not wealth, but opportunity. The poor are the world’s greatest entrepreneurs. Each day they must innovate in order to survive. They only remain poor because they do not have the opportunities to turn their creativity into sustainable income.

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10 Years For You in Social Business

Creating a worldwide movement for Social Business
The Grameen Creative Lab was officially founded in January 2009 - but this was not its beginning. First footprints were left much earlier: In June 2007, Peter Spiegel, the head of the Genisis Institute for Social Business, introduced Hans Reitz to Prof. Yunus at the Vision Summit in Berlin. It was the start of a friendship. In February 2008, Hans Reitz undertook his first trip to Bangladesh to visit Muhammad Yunus and learn about Grameen and the idea of Social Business.
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A pre-meeting for students and young professionals
Young Challengers' & Pioneers'
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A full research conference on
Social Business
7th Social Business Academia ConferenceLearn More
The GSBS is the worldwide leading forum for Social Business.
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our commitments

As agents of change, we constantly concentrating our efforts to make our events sustainable. In order to reach our goal to make the emissions of the GSBS 2015 transparent we are working with Caretraders – a young start-up from Copenhagen – increasing our sustainability commitment by offsetting those carbon emissions that are inevitably associated with running the conference.


At GCL, our voices have different backgrounds, cultures, experiences and insights that together create the quality of the content of our events and help us develop social business ideas to produce sustainable change. In a world with inequalities, some of the most important voices are cut out. This is why GCL offers reduced tickets to participants from Least Developed Countries based on application.


We are determined to foster long-lasting relationships between participants and make our events the beginning of great ideas for social businesses. GCL aims to create, challenge and shape ideas, and connect stakeholders with social business teams. We are committed to follow all initiatives developed with our help and during our events and report on their development.

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